Doodling in My Journal

I don’t think I’d survive waiting around without a notebook and a pen in hand. I love doodling so I always take my journal everywhere. I don’t usually write an entry whenever I open it. Instead, I flip to a blank page and start to draw. It’s also become a habit to add elements to the page to make it more interesting and lively, even though it has nothing to do with the things I wrote. Hmm.. Maybe I should do that! I should try and illustrate the things according to the things I write about. That’s like a story book, huh? And it would make so much more sense!

Oh! Did I tell you I love to write? It doesn’t even matter if it makes sense, I just like doing it. You already know about the doodles. The two of them together? In a journal? It’s pretty exciting to me! :]

So I’m at my best friend’s job, and she doesn’t get of til 3pm. What have I been doing to help the time pass by? I’ve been doodling in my journal. :] what’s a journal without doodles, right? As you can see by the pictures, I’ve only been using black ink. Well, there’s one entry in red and two drawings in pencil, but that’s pretty much it. :] I try to vary the weight of the writing and the style of it, too. It makes my journal look interesting. I feel like writing it the same way through out the book with the same pen will be way too boring. Variety = good as long as it isn’t too much, then it becomes chaos.
I get compliments on my writing and it makes me feel all bubbly. Even when I feel like it’s sloppy. I’m always trying to improve my writing. I like writing things down even if they don’t make sense and try to change the fonts. :] haha. That’s why journals and I get along pretty well. That is a form of art in itself, right?
Yeah, I do some typography sometimes, but I usually prefer to do it on Photoshop. Only because the lines are crisp and the letters are uniform. (Yeah, I’m kind of a perfectionist). And the effects? I can’t do it by hand. I mean, I could, but it’ll take longer.
*idea!* I want to get a tablet! I can do so much with one of those! :] Time to save up!!

Well, that’s all for now. :]
Back to doodling.



  1. Rocky

    thats a really cool monochrome sketch. it reminds me of some of your earlier work, keep it up :)

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