DIY Long Feather Earring

I’ve been meaning to make myself a long feather earring. This morning I scoured through my art supplies looking for the feathers I bought a while ago. I told myself not to go too crazy with it so I decided to use just two: a purple and a black combination.


I gathered some things laying around on my desk and spare parts from a bracelet I took apart from another project. Note that I decided not to use the string nor the paperclips. Whoops :]. I also used a chain, some wire and little jump rings to put it all together.

What does the finished product look like, you might ask?


I really like this earring. OH! And make sure not to make them heavy or your ear will hurt. :/


Mmmm… Clutter. (Not the earrings; the background.)
Well, I guess I found what I’m wearing to work! *Pats myself on the back*. Haha! Besides clothes of course! :]

I hope you have a fantastic day!<3


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