Nothing Ever Goes Wrong With Mod Podge

So one evening, I had a brilliant idea while I was getting my things ready for work the next day. I have gotten addicted to tea and I got used to bringing ten packets at a time. Yes, they were scattered around in my bag. Every time I wanted to make some, I had to scour through the contents of my purse to find the one I wanted. It got a bit frustrating and time consuming.

This is where the brilliant idea comes in: I needed a small container to keep them in. So I looked around the house; digging into my art supplies and kitchen cupboards. After rummaging through the room, kitchen, and desk, I finally found one. As happy as I was, I poured out the items inside and tore the sticker off only to find out that it had left a very very sticky residue. Not even the dish soap, alcohol, nor 100% acetone could take it off.

I’ve got the box that I needed, but it’s got a very sticky surface. Now what?

Oh yeah! Mod Podge. I knew I had some because I looked through my desk. This stuff is amazing.

Mod Podge + my little box + cut up newspapers + chalk =


I had some more to cover another surface so I used an old Altoids tin.

Goodness gravy, I’m glad I didn’t go too crazy on Podge-ing my things. I must say, it was pretty fun though because I need not to be precise and careful like most of the projects I usually do. A little bit of care-free and going-with-your-gut-feeling kind of art is good sometimes. :]


Hope you have a great day,


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