Typical Carol Behavior

I knew it was going to happen; I haven’t posted in a while. WHOMP WHOMP.
So what’s new with me? What have I been up to? Please act like you’re interested. :D Thank you.

Since July 1st, I have been working from 8:30am til 6pm. So what does my schedule for the week look like? Wake up, work, go home, eat, sleep. And that’s from Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays? Go out with the family or stay home and rest. Oh yeah, you guessed it. There goes my social life, right? Right. I have very little energy after work so I’d much rather go home, eat, do my puzzles, drink my tea and sleep. Oh how sad I know. I don’t have much motivation to do any artsy things either and I have fallen out of the lives of the friends I used to know. My best friend isn’t living with me anymore and this single life isn’t helping so much either, but there’s an upside, right? LET THE GAMES BEGIN. By that I mean, looking for the next victim whose heart I wanna steal. Haha.
What else is new with me? BRACES. Yeah! I’ve always wanted braces, but I didn’t know I’d crave ice cream, yogurt, and smooshy foods so much! My spacers just got put in last Friday *ouch* and three of them already broke. I have to go back this upcoming Friday AND the next, both of which I have not yet told my boss about.. whoops.

In conclusion,
I have to start feeling good about myself.
I need to gain my energy back.
I want to be motivated again.

Wow. I’m starting to feel a little depressed knowing I might actually be depressed. This whole alone thing? Yeah, it isn’t working out so well. Lol.

*deep breath*

and I am the only one who can fix this.


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