When Loneliness Calls…

I strongly dislike watching romantic movies because they give me that hope that the fairytale shit MIGHT happen to me. It makes me wish looking for someone were that easy, you know what I mean? It almost always makes me want to grab a tub of ice cream when the credits come because it’s inevitable to finish watching a love story and not compare it to your own life. It’s true! Whenever something adorable happens, you wish it’d happen to you! It’s pretty destructive whether you are single or in a relationship. Lol. That’s why I stay away from these kind of movies. Although it can’t be helped sometimes because most movies do involve a love story.

Well, when loneliness calls, I crawl back into my shell and pretend all is well. I’m kidding. I sit on my desk and satisfy myself with the things I make. :] It’s not the same, but it feels pretty damn delightful. It’ll do for now. Haha.

I hope you have a great night,


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