Like What They Say

You’ve heard it before in many forms I’m sure. I don’t doubt things will get better, it’s just that my patience is running out. Haha. I mean there are aspects of my life that are getting better, but some things that I really want to get better are taking a little too long. Like…MY FACE.

Let’s talk about that. See my day’s frustrations is as illustrated below:

I’ve tried so many things. Mostly, homemade remedies, but nothing has really helped. Well, I can’t really say that; I’ve got no proof that it really doesn’t work. I just have to hope for the best, I guess.

You know what does make my day though? When my face is …the way it is.. and people compliment me. I gave up putting on make-up ages ago, so bumps, sores, pimples and scars are for everyone to see (yikes). I’m over here thinking my face couldn’t get any worse, while others thought it actually looks good. It just makes it all the more appreciated, you know? and it makes me feel all bubbly. :D Gives me all the more reason to smile.

Well, I wish you all the best with anything and everything you are going through.



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