Fabric Stores in DTLA

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but I love colors, patterns, and even monochromatic styles. My sister-in-law, Melissa, and I went to Downtown Los Angeles to buy some thread after weeks of planning. We were so excited! We told ourselves that we were only gonna get what we needed. Who were we kidding? Every corner we turn to, we end up buying things. Somewhere between 12pm and 5pm, a cookie jar was purchased.
Along with a birdcage (I know. Random, right?), we bought easels and drawing boards and we haven’t even gotten what we came to buy!
We finally arrived at Michael Levine on Maple and 9th. Our arms, shoulders and feet were hurting at this point, but we were so happy we finally got to the original destination! :] image

I planned to buy sewing patterns but dear golly, they were 20$ a pop! No way was I gonna pay for that, so I’m gonna have to buy them elsewhere. *adds it to the mental checklist*.

I started browsing the fabrics and jeebus price were they awesome!!




Like I’ve said in the very first line of this post. I love colors and patterns even if they’re in black and white! …*sigh* If only I were rich!
Anyway, we got something to eat at
El Pollo Loco. Oh man! Who doesn’t love sweet potato fries? We headed home and put together the easel. :) I’m so excited! I have to clean my place though and then I shall take a picture. It always helps me to visualize things so that’s what I’ll do. :)

Important Note: Do NOT take the dollar stores accross the street for granted. Visit them often because you’ll find treasures there. Most to which are one of a kind. :) Believe me. Melissa purchased the birdcage I mentioned earlier at the local Dollar Tree! :) What a great find, right?

Well, thats all for now! I must keep cleaning. :) Oh! and sorry the pictures came out dark.



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