Revamped the Page


How did this happen?
Story time! Once upon a Saturday afternoon, what sat on my lap was a huge platter of stuffed shells I made for the party we were attending. Everything was great;/: the food smelled good and the radio was playing some of the best songs I know. (I don’t know how to properly use colons and semi-colons. Hence the “;/:”. Will someone please explain it to me? English has never been my strongest subject. Haha. Thanks. Give me some math and I’ll be set.) Anyway, thirty minutes into the car ride, I felt something trickle down my leg. I looked over and to my dismay, the sauce has leaked out of the tray! My goodness I was devastated. It had gotten on my bag, too. And guess where I kept my sketchbook. -____-. Lucky enough, it only soiled the corner pages. Had it not been for that tiny drop I felt, it would have seeped into the sheets and destroyed all of my work. :( Some pages got stuck together so I figured I’ll have redo the few pages.
I covered the page with those shipping labels and painted over it with acrylic paint. *sob* Goodbye, oh beloved boat, I’ll have to redraw you someday. Hello, cute robot, welcome to my sketchbook.


Yes, I salvaged a page. :) I was about to exacto it, too. *phew*

Well, that’s all for now.


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