Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles


Do you love solving puzzles as much as I do?

I often find myself searching for puzzles to solve. When things become mundane, I actually, believe it or not, consult my math book to solve some problems. Not only will it help me retain what I’ve learned, but it actually is fun for me to solve. :) Right now, I am working on this logic puzzle book I got from a local grocery store. I have about two other books that I flip through.

I tried crossword puzzles, but those aren’t so fun for me only because I can never solve one puzzle. :( I’ll give it another shot some other time though. I’m not ready to give up yet. Lol. I love being challenged, but I’ve got to say, I’m more of a sudoku person with a bit of minesweeper, precalc, logic problems, spider solitaire, tetris, and scrabble mixed in.
I just love puzzles! I love thinking!

How about you?

Well, I shall get to bed. It’s already 12 in the morning. :)
Good night,
– Carol


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