Guess Where I’ve Been?

:) Have you taken a guess yet? Lol. Well, chances are, you are probably wrong, but no worries. I shall tell you! I’ve been at home.. (well, actually some might guess that right) BUT! I’ve also been painting.

Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! I was supposed to paint it ages ago so I can give it as a Christmas present, but I didn’t have time. Now that I do, I finally finished it. Oh! Also because I found the swatches I did in college. Are you ready? I think it’s safe to post it here. I mean, no one really reads my blog and it’s not connected to Facebook so my brother won’t find out. :) Yeah, this is a surprise so SHHHH! I’ll also put a better picture in a different post just because it made sense in my head when I thought about it. :) It deserves a spot in the limelight. I’m proud of myself. Whoo. All that hard work finally paid off. Though my arm and  fingers hurt from holding the brush for about 12 hours total, I can’t believe it looks this good. :) Alright. Enough reading. Time to unveil the masterpiece, if you will.

Drumroll please!


What do you think?



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