Finally Throwing Out Clothes

Yep, you read right. I thoroughly looked in my closet and threw out the clothes I didn’t really wear. Let me tell you, its pretty damn hard! I had to ask myself fifty questions before I put it in the “give away” pile. Will I ever wear this? Does it look good? Does it make me look fat? You know, general questions when you’re trying on clothes. I actually caught myself taking a shirt or two back from the pile. I guess I just wasn’t ready to give it away yet. Wanna see Day 1’s pile? Well, here it is!


Yeah, I said Day 1 because this is what happened on Day 2.


The Attack of the Hallway Hangers. Lmfao.

I had so much mess to clean up and so many clothes to look through that it took me two days.Whoo! I felt so accomplished though. Now I have more room for more awesome things! I used the extra space on the top to keep my art stuff. :) My desk started to look cluttered. I tell ya, playing Tetris helps a lot when you’re storing things. :) Let’s just hope I remember what I hid up there! Lol. I bet one day, I’ll go crazy looking for something under my desk that I happened to put up there. -___- Anyway, my closet doesn’t even look like anything changed!


It looks exactly the same. Well, I guess that’s good, right? I’m not looking to drastically change my closet and end up with ten shirts and two coats in the end. Haha. You know what’s funny? I actually felt attached to some of my clothes. I remember a sweater a friend gave me and I immediately put it in the safe stack. There wasn’t any hesitation.

Realization #193: Clothes hold memories, just like photographs.

Haha. I am so gonna do that from now on. I’m talking about the random realization/lesson thing. It’s not like there’s actually a list. It’s just generated randomly as my fingers glide over the keyboard keys when the thought occurs. Sounds good? Good.

Well, that’s all for now.



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