Scraps Aren’t Always Trash

You know how you always end up with scraps after a project and you wonder, “What the hell do I do with this now?” Well, I usually save them up. I’m kind of a pack rat like that. :)

When I worked in an office, I had to cut up legal sized manila folders into standard ones for filing. There was so much left over that I decided to keep them. I mean, they looked like beige cardstock and they were free! :) perfect for cards and books, right? Right. I’m usually always right. Hahah. Get it? Usually and always…?

Anyway! This is what I made my mom for her birthday.


Materials: Victoria Secret paper bag, the folder scraps, thread and needle, glue, scissors, a shoebox, ribbon from that bag and a pen.
I felt very resourceful when I put that together. :)

Didn’t I mention I also make cards with them? Well, here’s an example.


Please excuse my messy desk. :) Let me tell you, paint splattering, if you can consider that a verb, is actually pretty fun! But also very messy. I did it by the sink but that didn’t help much. The wall, dishes and counter top were full of paint after I finished. Not only was the card colorful, the kitchen was, too. :) I only half-assed the idea, if you will, of keeping the kitchen clean while I painted. What I should have done was cover the entire kitchen with newspaper. Who knows where that splatter will end up and I sure as hell wouldn’t want my momma to give me crap when she gets home. Haha. I’m kidding! It was a pretty easy mess to clean. It was because I used watercolor of course :) so really, I should say…

Lesson #626272831736: Splatter your paint with caution.

Note #0.17: Don’t throw away scraps, you might feel like making a book someday. :)

See you in the next post!


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