So I was talking to my friend, Andrew, and he said …*looks up the conversation* “How about I give you motivation? What about the word ‘ door’?”

It’s funny how a simple word can give you so many ideas for a drawing. I was already brainstorming a whole bunch of sketches and finally, I consulted my sketchbook. The original idea was to paint a vibrant red door with a black background and have one of those baby mobiles that hang on the crib on top of the door, I’ll hold onto that idea for another day because that’s not what I ended up doing. The paint took a little while to dry and it wasn’t opaque enough since I was painting over another drawing. The red turned a muddy color so I decided to just blend the colors. I found the perfect words for it in a page of a book I tore apart. So I cut a couple of sentences and adhered it to the page. :) Coincidentally, I didn’t realize til after I was finished,  the sentence had the word “door” in it. So I still accomplished the task in a way.

Well, here it is.


It’s funny because one suggestion on my phone as I typed my name was ‘farol’. What the hell is farol?


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