Happy Birthday, Lovely

So today is my cousin, Bianca’s 16th birthday. Awww, She’s blossoming into a beautiful young lady. It’s funny how time just runs away from you like that. Next thing I know I’ll be sitting in my comfy chair all wrinkly knitting my grandson a sweater wondering how it all happened so fast. :P Anyway, I wanted to make her present special so I decided to make her a bracelet. It’s quite simple really.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 bangle bracelet
paint brush
paint (optional)

So gather your supplies together! *all energetic*

Here are the bracelets. Guess how much I got them for? $1. Un dolla! :] for 12 of them. Good deal, right?

I think I have only 1/8th of the bottle left. :[ Can someone get me a huge tub of this stuff?! lol. Kidding.

Alright, Grab some old newspapers and rip them up into shreds. That sounds redundant, doesn’t it? Let me rephrase that. *Take two* Take some newspapers and tear it up into pieces. For those who learn things better visually, I shall insert a photo of me ripping a newspaper right…..NOW.

You know how long it took me to take this photo? The camera was on my lap and I had to keep steady and hold my breath so the photo wouldn’t be out of focus. And it’s all for you. Lol. :]

Be generous with the glue. Don’t pour the whole bottle on your bracelet; Just make sure you coat everything is what I’m trying to say. Haha. No one has shown me how to use colons and semi-colons yet so I’m just gonna keep putting them into sentences where I think they’d be appropriate. :] Haha. I think I’m gonna piss off those who hate grammatically incorrect articles. Whoops.

Please excuse my nails. I try to tell myself to paint them often, but I get lazy.  It gets messed up a few minutes after I polish them so I won’t bother much with them. :/

The bracelet turned a mean gray because I wasn’t aware the brush was still loaded with black paint. But it’s all good. I don’t mind the color and I hope Bea doesn’t either. You noticed the “mean” gray, right? Yes. Yes, I did. :]

So this is what the end product looks like…*Inserting the photo…NOW*

 You like? It’s pretty easy, huh?

Question! Are you like one of those people who mass produce things? I am. Sometimes. When I’m not lazy. :P

Anyway, with that bracelet done, I put everything together and this is how it turned out.

You think she’ll like it? I sure do hope so.

Talk to you soon,


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