Roses are Red, Violets are Blue..

So today is Valentine’s Day and contrary to popular belief, there are still some of us left on this Earth that don’t really give a damn about it. I, for one, am one of those people. Aye aye, Captain! It’s not only because I don’t have a boyfriend, I just think it’s really cheesy. I don’t like cheesy. I don’t mind going out to eat or watching a movie if I did have a boyfriend, but I don’t treat it like it’s such a big deal. Okay, I’m not gonna sit here and justify my opinion. That’s just boring stuff. :]

I’ve always been the type of person who likes surprises; good surprises. I like to make something special and unique for the people I love and I do it year round. :P Because I have no ties to another human being, I got more time to make my mom’s present more special. Haha. You know Valentine’s is the people you love, not just a boyfriend or girlfriend, but also your family. :D

I decided to paint a rose for my mom. I saw this wallpaper online and I thought it was perfect.


I got everything ready to go! I set my guidelines onto the poster board and started painting.


There was no way I could have made it look like an actual rose if I didn’t trace the outlines first.


You know, grids help a lot! Not many people use it and it’s time consuming at first, but it’s a hell of a lot easier once you get the grids down. :]

Day 01: I had to erase all the pencil work, because I drew it in too dark. :[ Gladly, you can still see the impression it left on my project. I realized, as I was painting the rose, that it’s hard to mix the colors on the board! Especially because the paint keeps drying on me.


Day 02: You know, the colors I needed to complete this were red, green, a tad bit of yellow, black, and white generic Blick brand of paint. :] Now all I need to paint are the stem and leaves.


Day 03: I decided to paint the entire background black and leave no border around it. I figured it would be more dramatic. :P

This is what the finished painting looks like!


I’m so excited to give it to my mom today. :D

Well, other than that, have a jolly day!


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