Flower Power?

Como estan, senoritos y senoritas? :]

So my momma bought me these stickers from the 99 cent store. Can you believe it? Only un dolla for wall decoration stickers? Haha. Told you those stores have treasure! :P I know you can’t tell how huge these flowers are but just wait, you’ll see. :] 

Anyway, I’m not one for bright pink flowers, but I didn’t want my mom to think she wasted her money on it so here’s what I did.

They ripped easily, but I think they’re still pretty cool. They had other designs, too! :]

Now the inside of my closet is all pimped out with designs I don’t really like. I mean, it’s not easy on the eyes (for me) but I know it would make my momma happy. :P SHHH. Don’t tell her or I’ll smack you upside the head. Wait.. Is that verbal abuse? or cyber abuse? LMFAO. I’m sorry. I was just kidding.


Too doo loo,



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