Curled Without the Iron

It is possible, you know. :] You don’t need those fancy curling irons that go for hundreds of dollars. Put that money back in your pocket and save it for a rainy day. OR! Save it for more art supplies. O___O

Anyway, you can look it up and you’ll see I’m not lying.

There are tons of ways to curl your hair. Youtube has it that socks, pens and pencils, and even paper bags will curl your hair. Haha! I’m not lying! Go look it up.

You know those people who stick pencils in their hair because they don’t have a hair tie? Well, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing the same thing. Why? Because I get really annoyed having the hair all over the place and I’ve lost every one of my hair bands. You know, I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair at shoulder length again.. Hmm.. That still needs more thought. Anyway, I let my hair down today and this is how it came out.

Doesn’t it just look delicious? I mean hair is disgusting if you think about what I said literally, but I love the way it looks. :P There are different types of curls. You got the springy tight ones, the loose curls, and the wavy-barely-even-tried kind of curls. THOSE are my favorite. The wavy, beach, it’s-like-you-didn’t-even-try curly hair is what I’m looking for.

The pencil trick could go either way though. Sometimes it will look really good, and other times it will look odd. Luckily, the odds were in my favor today and it’s great because I got to show you.

NOTE #1928829: Pens and pencils are your friend AND they make great curling iron substitutes.

Talk to you soon,


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