Slow and Steady

Dear you and you and you,

So about a year ago, I think, my skin started a rebellion. Why? I don’t know. I blame it on genetics. Only because I have no other explanation that made sense to me. I had smooth and even skin all through high school and like I mentioned, it all went down south last year. Why, oh why? Haha. The peak was about two months ago when it got really really bad. :[ BUT! “There’s always a tomorrow”. You probably have no idea where that came from, but let me enlighten you. I, being an Asian and all, play that game with where your feet have to step on arrows otherwise known as Dance Dance Revolution. :P Well, I don’t go to the arcade all that often. I don’t like the fact that they steal all my money and I get like 50 tickets. You might think that’s a lot but nowadays, even a freaking pen costs 100+ tickets. What a rip off! Lol. :P Anywho, I put on the charm, puppy eyes, and the classic “I’ll wash dishes for the week” trick to get my parents to buy me one for the Play Station 2. and THAT’S where the “There’s always a tomorrow.”

It’s kinda funny I started talking about that because that was the wrong expression to begin with. I meant to say, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” What were we talking about? Oh yeah, my face. -___-. And just because I love you so much, I went through the trouble to make a very accurate line graph.

I don’t count elementary because.. well, I don’t. I didn’t care much about things back then just like very kid. :] You start really thinking about that stuff in middle school. Like you see in the graph, I was doing fine in high school. During the last year, my self esteem went down to the negative. I didn’t even bother. -___- And up until recently I kinda started caring again. Kinda. I still am reluctant in taking photos, but I’m working on it.

Anyway, I’ve managed to start taking photos of myself — just not my face. :P

 (This is what I wore today.)

See! I kinda started caring again. Usually I just wear sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt when I go out.

And I won’t bother telling you where I got the stuff I’m wearing because I don’t even remember. -____- I’m not a fan of wearing branded stuff and hand -me-downs are just fine. Lol.

I think the camera strap in the photo makes the picture look awesome. :P

And I just like the way my hair came out in the photo. Totally unintentional. I had no idea it was zoomed in. :P

Anyway, slow and steady just like the title says. I’m slowly gaining my self-esteem back. No more acne, I just have to take care of the “post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.” Once that’s done, I promise I’ll finally post a photo. Okay? Good.

See you later, gator.


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