Books Books Book And More Books!

Hey lovable creatures,

Today was a really good day. Wanna know why? Of course you do. :] We went to the Last Bookstore on Spring and 5th St. Since we were going to be walking a lot, we packed a big breakfast.

Lmfao. We shared this plate just to let you know. :] My brother, Melissa and I took old books with us to trade in! How awesome is that?

*Inserts a picture of my sister-in-law, Melissa*

Ain’t she just lovely? :P But BACK OFF! She’s got that ring on her finger. :P Hence the “sister-in-law”.

And I had to take a photo of her hair because “the back o’ her head is ridiculous”. :P She can rock the short hair like nobody’s business. Look at that! :]

So we walked to the bookstore and just because I love you, I’ll help you visualize the whole walking thing with a picture.


You can take so many photos in Downtown! You can look anywhere you’d like and there’ll be something worth taking a picture of. :P

:P We’re almost there!

And we’re here! You’ll fall in love with this place the minute you walk in. Why? Solely because of the “All books in this section is $1” sign. One big room! :P

I was on the hunt for any art books and you know what I noticed as I was looking through this section? After I found a couple of decent art books, I realized that I just like flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures. I don’t actually read anything.

So I stopped my search for the art books and went for mystery and thriller novels. :P

Melissa picked up awesome books, too. Among of them was the New York Times Gourmet Cookbook. Yes, she’s a fine young cook.

You know, I’m really happy I brought my little brother with me. No, he didn’t ditch today; He didn’t have school because it’s President’s Day! WHOO. -___- I got him interested in reading Jonathan Kellerman books. :]

Look at their furniture! :P Did I give you the impression that I like this store? Well, that is wrong. I LOVE this store. :] They might not have much of the craft stuff I was looking for but definitely a great place to find treasure!

I look at this photo and I feel like myself again. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it made me happy. For so long I have avoided my photo being taken, but I think I can get in front of the camera once again.

OH! And while I was reading book covers and deciding which will find a new home on my bookshelf,

my little brother became a photographer. Check out this photo he took.

We spent two hours at this place and finally, we gathered all the books we wanted and posed for a last picture.

We purchase these books with the store credit we got from trading in the old books. They were really picky with what they would take though. Anyway, I’m sure my little brother and I will both enjoy reading these!

When you’re in Downtown Los Angeles, you should check out The Last Bookstore! :P

Note #1928: Don’t read in the dark.

See! I’m looking out for you. :P


Have a fantastic day,


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