Bucket List #103: OVO Again, Please?

Hello every one and all,

Today, I had the pleasure of experiencing magic, I tell you, MAGIC, at the Santa Monica Pier otherwise known as the Cirque du Soleil. “OVO” is just fantastic!

Let me tell you, I honestly thought it was a waste of money. I mean a hundred dollars a person? I could buy 96 McChickens with that! I know they’re a dollar a piece but you gotta include tax. LMFAO. I always put it in dollar menu terms when I see things not worth buying. :P Well, we got to sit at the Level 1 section, which is in the front, so I guess it was a fair price. :]

It’s funny because it doesn’t look like there would be enough room, but you actually kinda have to walk down once you’re in the theatre. :P My bad, I got used to spelling it with “re”.

This is what you see when you get inside the tent. The place is full of lights! I just love it! Too bad you can’t take photographs. *mischievous glare*

Lucky for I am a ninja! :] I mean, HOW AWESOME ARE THESE?! Just the look of it all is … just WOW. Something tells me I need to build up my vocabulary. -___-

“Oh, sorry. No photos?”…is what I would have said if I were caught! Haha (Oh, I hope they wont punish me for my ninja skills. LOL.)

That show was magnificent. There were so many tricks! Too much. I felt like my brain was gonna explode! In a good way though. There were trampolines, tightrope walking, jumps, leaps, aerials, that thing they do high up in the air that I don’t even know the name of, and other stuff I have no idea how to describe. I mean, I would try but that’s just embarrassing. “That thing where people turn the kiwi thing with their feet like a tumbler.” HAHA. Even if I did try, it would only confuse you more.

Oh man! The make up and costumes were…*thinks of another adjective* phenomenal. So bold and bright! They interacted with the audience unlike the one I saw in Las Vegas. This one definitely was much more entertaining and funny. :] I couldn’t stop myself from clapping, watching trick after trick after trick. (Pardon my writing. I really need to go back to school…. lol.) I didn’t know where to look; I didn’t wanna miss anything!

Bottom line: I’d love to see it again and again and again and again and again. WHY CAN’T YOU BUY SH&T LIKE THIS ON DVD?! Well, it wouldn’t be the same but STILL!

Anyway, even though I wanted more, we had to leave. This is what was waiting for us outside.

How lovely was the weather today?

Oh! and as you’ve noticed, I have gotten in touch with my creative side by way of zee camera… Did I say that right? You know what I mean. :] I’ve found the joy in taking photos again. Although I didn’t go crazy today, I definitely did take some nice photos. Well, at least that’s what I think.

Okay, so granted that there was a teensy weensy bit of editing to adjust the colors, the pictures themselves didn’t come out half bad! You’ll be the judge of that.

Haha! I tried those ring things… Let’s just say, I’ll be able to do it when cows can actually jump over the moon. -___-

Oh! I tried making my photos look a little fancy with rounded corners. -___- I still have to figure out how to keep the background transparent. I think I have to save it as a gif file.

I love how I captured the sunlight. :D Totally wallpaper worthy.

I know this is simple, but I just love it. I really do. :] And I’m glad I captured it.

Note #19: Beauty is everywhere!

Oh! I know is post is 49817 pages long, but look at where we ended up after.

Can you say “Irish wristwatch”? Yupp, totally irrelevant.

But really,
Can you say “Irish wristwatch” fast five times?


Haha! We were so hungry when we got to Vons that we started eating the food  before we even reached the counter. And now I shall show you the picture I tried to capture of me holding the chicken and the potato wedges. Imagine the struggle I had trying to take that photo with a bulky camera? Lol. Thank Jeebus someone thought to include a strap. :]

So after fifty years of reading and an uncomfortable beard, you have reached the end of the post. I posted this so late because we went to my brother’s place for dinner. :P

Must Do Before You Die #14354: Watch OVO Cirque Du Soleil

Note To Self #1928: Learn proper use of punctuation and grammar and return to edit this post. Somewhere in the process, I should laugh at myself for not making any sense in the things I wrote. :]

I hope you had a wonderful day,



  1. I love your writing! So vivid! :) Well put- to all of it! Don’t edit it. I love Cirque, hopefully someday I can join their ranks in some capacity- it truly is phenomenal- and I loved your photos :) Ninja’d!

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