Down With Love

Greetings my fellow friends and readers and pirates,

Since two o’clock in the afternoon, I’ve been working on how I can make my place look … “cute”. After I got back from the embassy, I came home to dirty dishes and I thought, “AHA! I should totally do something other than the dishes!!” -___- So I decided to make those hanging mobile thingy-ma-bobs.

I did some calculations and measurements to see how many little hearts I had to cut out and I just remembered I still have those round labels stashed away somewhere so I looked for those, too. Something inside me died when I figured out I needed to cut out 330 hearts. -___-

SO… Since I didn’t want to end up being 70 and still cutting up these damn shapes, I split the labor in half. Instead of using all 30 panels, I’ll just skip one. Yes, I got it down to 15 panels. Still, that’s 165. O__O.

Another calculation: 45 inches x 15 = a whole damn lot of floss… Haha.

Oh yeah, I cheated.

I folded the page and aligned the heart on its side. So I guess I only needed to cut 82.5. Lol. That number didn’t make me feel any better.

I told you I started working on it at two, right? And I just finished. Ten hours.. Wow. I should have just washed the dishes. LOL. Just kidding. Because if it weren’t for those ten long hours, this wouldn’t be here.

And I wouldn’t like looking out the window as much as I do now! Look at that! Don’t you just wish my window was your window? :]

And I think the fact that they are spaced out prevents them from getting all tangled up with each other. :P

Well, I know most of my posts are very late, but ehh it’s 4:30 somewhere. :P

Note #892: Buy more floss. -___-

Good night,



  1. making that tomorrow not for the the window we have woode windows just for the window panels/seperators :)

  2. Making this. Right now. Homework can wait. This is too awesome;)


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