He’s an Inspiration

I’m talking about my little brother, Alvin. We also call him by his nickname, Yan Yan.

There definitely are times when he gets on my nerves and I’d rather him go to the other room and stop pestering me with questions, but sometimes, he does surprise me. He is such a dreamer, in every sense of the word. He sets goals for himself and no matter how improbable we adults think they may be, he tells himself that he CAN do it. I give credit to my father, whom Alvin got his name from. Whatever we wanted to do when we were little, he was always there encouraging us to pursue it. He’d say, “You want to play the trumpet? When I get money, I’ll buy you one so you can be really good at it. If you keep practicing, you’ll be able to play in one of those big theatres.” Things like that. He helped us dream big and I can not thank him enough for that. Even though he is on the other side of the American coast, he still inspires me to keep going with my art and help Yan Yan with his trumpet.

Like I’ve said, Yan Yan is a dreamer. He likes to be involved in many activities, like running for student council, joining a basketball team, and of course, playing the trumpet. Though he can’t do all these things at once, he doesn’t get discouraged. He doesn’t give up easily either.

It’s funny how grown ups think little kids don’t know much, when in reality, we should look up to them. It’s true they won’t know how to file taxes or drive cars, but they sure do know how to dream. Something most of us have forgotten how to do. They try things and ask questions because of their curiosity. Something most of us are afraid to do. They are clear on what they like and what they don’t like. No complications. They don’t judge. They aren’t bothered by many things and they can easily forgive.

I don’t know when and how we start to lose our patience, but I do know its a sad sad thing. I remember when I was a little kid, my dad was always so patient when I had stories to tell. Don’t you remember when you got so excited about the simplest of things? What happened? How did we all turn from laughing every five seconds to having a straight face most of the time? I know I have a lot to work on, but I’m doing my best to listen. There’s nothing like listening to a little kid tell a story: the way they light up and are so full of animation. I’m sure everyone has those cranky, not-so-good days and when I  do, I unintentionally shut Yan Yan out. Seeing him walk away unheard does make me wanna smack myself upside the head. He always listens to what I have to say, now why can’t I do the same? Yeah, it’s a little selfish, huh?

Yes, I know. There are so many things I need to learn, but thank goodness I have a little brother like Yan Yan. Sometimes I think he might be a little full of himself. What a negative concept. Maybe he isn’t full of himself, maybe he just believes in himself that he can achieve anything. I never really thought of it differently. Anyway, aside from the little tantrums he might have from time to time, I believe he will be able to teach me how to be patient. His optimistic thoughts are something I’d want to acquire and I’d also like to learn how to dream again without the fear of failing. I think that if I achieve these goals, I will, in a way, influence him to be a better person. You know, monkey see monkey do. The funny thing is, all these things I will have learned from him!

That’s all for now,


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