Not Much of a Cook

Hi! I’m Carol. How do you like it here? :]

I mean I can cook, but I don’t have the culinary way of thinking. That’s why I say I’m not much of a cook. I don’t know what ingredients complement each other, what food taste good with what, and all that stuff.

To be honest, most of the food I cook are what I call concoctions. Why? Because I don’t follow recipes. SHHH! I’m not talking about baking though. That’s a totally different ball game. I just kinda grab the marinated chicken, put in in a pan, and start adding whatever I find in the cupboards that I think will make it taste good.

My best friend in the kitchen is either the lemon pepper or garlic salt. Lol. I just throw that in there with everything else and hope it’ll please my taste buds.

Any veggies in the fridge? Tomato sauce in the cabinets? Pasta in the pantry? Haha! I scour for these kinda things so I can dump them into a huge mess of edible, and hopefully delicious, nourishment.

If it looks good, it sure must taste good, right? I know it’s not always true, but hopefully I will never come across having to prove it wrong. :]

Irrelevant Note #82: I feel like dancing.

See you later, escalator,


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