How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Good day, Capt’n!

I just made my coffee and I was wondering, “Is this even considered a cup of coffee?”

What's In My Coffee?

I don’t see how people can drink black coffee. It’s far too bitter. -___-. It’s an acquired taste, huh? I know my illustration isn’t on point, but it gives you the idea of how much creamer and sugar I put to dilute the strong caffeine. I don’t even think it’s considered coffee. It’s more like creamer sprinkled with coffee. O___O.

My occasional trips to Starbucks are to purchase the Strawberries and Cream, which contain no caffeine. Yeah, I never cared for it. I am sorry I have failed to adapt the American culture. Haha.

I might as well have made hot chocolate, even though it’s too damn hot. I would have enjoyed that more. With marshmallows? Yumm..

So how do you take your coffee?


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