I’m Going Mad!

To tell you the truth, I’m not too crazy about this picture I made, but ehh, you’re gonna have to deal with it and so will I :]

Anywho, I have to make a confession. I know the imagery gave it away, but I am a perfectionist. I haven’t gotten too far with it though; it hasn’t developed into an OCD. Thank goodness. I like having things a certain way. If I’m writing a letter and my penmanship isn’t up to par or I make a mistake, I have to rewrite it. When I do my nails, they have to look smooth; without air bubbles. When I draw, the lines have to look exactly how I wanted them. Things like that. I usually build a system. By that, I mean, I like things organized. If I have to write a set of vocabulary words onto index cards, they’d have to all look presentable, neat, and almost identical. Systematic. Yeah. That’s me. BUT! I don’t completely disapprove of chaos. It just has to be a organized mess. I know. What an oxymoron, right? I mean, some things won’t bother me too much and then one day I’ll just go nuts and wanna go “spring cleaning” everything!

That’s why today, I’m cleaning my hard drive. I’ve got to delete so many things, rename files, re-size photos and move things around. It’s going to take me a year to clean out this bad boy! Lol. Looking at my music, I think 20 out of 50 gigabytes are songs I never got around to listen to or haven’t listened to for at least five years and I now find annoying. *Delete*

Well, I’ll crank Pandora as high as my laptop will allow and get to it. It’ll definitely be a challenge considering I just had IHOP and am suffering from food coma. -__- Is there a medical or scientific term for it? Haha. I found it. Post-prandial somnolence. 

Good night,

P.S. Just now I tried to scratch off a little black dust particle off my screen. I felt stupid when I realized it was a period “.”. How the hell did it end up all the way over there?! Lol.

P.P.S What does “P.S.” mean?


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