Ninja-fied My Nails

Good evening, you!

Well, I did my nails two days ago, but  I’ve been so busy cleaning out both my laptop and external hard drives that I didn’t have time to. BUT! They’re here now! :] What do you think?

Oh! and I finally figured out how I wanted my photos to come out on my blog. :P Gotta put some credit on there, you know. I was actually thinking of putting captions instead of “adorecarol”, but that would be time consuming. I figured the caption could be typed directly under the photo. Anywho, I was just gonna leave my nails with the the gold and brown fading into each other, but the brown didn’t blend in so well. I reapplied the gold on top, but the lines were still so crisp.

Nuh-uh. Not how I wanted it. To help with that, I added black lines with the nail art kinda polish. You know, the one with the skinny brush?. NINJA’D! :]


I hope your weekend went well,



  1. I love that you showed how you did it, not just the end result where we’re like “How the heck…?!”

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