Happy Pancake Day!

Buenas Dias, senoritos y senoritas.

I have no idea how to put in the “n with the squiggly”. Anyway, did you know that today is National Pancake Day?! Free pancakes all day today! HOORAY! Go run to IHOP and reserve yourself a seat. :] IHOP started this back in 2006, I think, and the only reason I know is because we went there last Friday. I ordered an omelet and it came with their strawberry banana pancakes. They looked so delicious; I wanted to stick my fork in it as soon as the waitress brought it to our table. Add the Splashberry, and I think I got a free pass to Diabetesland. -____-I don’t know what it was I ate, but my stomach felt funny after and so did my mom’s and brother’s. Do they pack their food with air?! Because when we got home, we couldn’t stop farting. Haha. TMI?

…How did I end up making pancakes on Sunday again? Oh yeah. I wanted to make crepes, but we didn’t have any more eggs. BUT! We had pancake mix. It had to be the same thing right? Haha. So wrong. They looked nothing like crepes so I just made pancakes instead.

Yes, I made these pancakes on Sunday, but I delayed the post. I figured it would be perfect for National Pancake Day! I made pancakes for my brother, two cousins, and me, but I stacked them all on top of each other.

It’s a MEGA PANCAKE SKYSCRAPER! :] I layered each pancake with chocolate and strawberries. My kitchen looked like a mess after I finished cooking. The chocolate-y goodness were actually truffles I let melt on top of the pancake while the other side was cooking.

YUMMM. I want to make more now.. Yeah, I think I’m gonna go whip up some more. :]

Have a good day,


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