“Happy Birthday, Dad” Pop-Up Cards

High and Low; Hi and Hello.

Tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday, but unfortunately, we can’t be with him to celebrate it because he lives in New York. I figured we should send him birthday cards! :] These aren’t just regular greeting cards, they’re POP-UP cards! Triples the entertainment! :]

I made two pop-up cards: one for me and the other for my little brother. I figured I might as well make them while he was in school. Although I would rather make it with him, we wouldn’t be able to finish it in time. :[ Anyway, these cards are really tricky to make! I discarded two in the process because I cut out the wrong parts. Whoops! Haha. But you know what they say, “You learn from your mistakes.”

I also wanted to make him a huge painting, but I don’t know how to get it to him. I know, I’m a lousy daughter. :[ I hope these will suffice for now though. :P

Special Thanks To #19283: Thanks for the stamps, Andy! :D These cards wouldn’t have looked so good.


Have a great night,


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