Happy Birthday, Dad

It’s been more than two years since we last got to be with my dad. I’ve got to say, I miss him more and more every day. He lives in New York now with his sisters after my parents divorced. Although I’m thankful the fighting stopped, it sure left a lot of broken hearts.

My father, Alvin, is a man with a big heart; He doesn’t hesitate to lend a hand to someone in need. He gives what he can and shares what he owns. He is forgiving and understanding. This man has taught me to be kind and through his actions, I have also learned to be just as giving.

I don’t know anyone who has as much patience as my Dad. He’d tutor me until I finally understood the material, even if it meant sitting with me for hours or making practice tests for me to study with. He didn’t raised his voice if I got something wrong. Instead, he explained it to me again. He used to take my little brother to his trumpet practice and he’d sit there for at least four hours just to listen to him play. He was always so supportive in the things we did and we love him so much for that.

He encourages us to pursue our dreams. I’ve always liked arts and crafts so he’d take me Michael’s on the weekend. He’d share his ideas with me on how to make things and I’d always go to him for help. He’d watch Yanyan’s trumpet practice on Saturday mornings and they’d play basketball, too. My older brother, Andrew, wanted to play the drums so my parents bought him that and then later, a guitar. Whatever it is we wanted to do, he was behind us 110%. He never lost interest in our dreams; He was always there to listen and give us the motivation and support we needed.

My dad always made us laugh. Even in glum or melancholy situations, he’d find a way to lighten up the mood. Car rides with him are never dull; He always had funny stories to tell and words of wisdom to share.

Me: Dad, how do you define awkward?
Dad: It’s a sense of direction. Like forward and backward.

It’s been two painful years and thinking about him always brings me to tears because I miss him so much. It’s a lot harder on Yanyan; He and my dad are best friend. It kills me to see him cry, knowing I can’t do anything to ease the pain and loneliness he feels because my dad is on the opposite side of the American coast. I really wish we could have done something to be able to celebrate my father’s birthday with him. I’m sure he would have wanted nothing more than to spend time with his children. I hope and pray all of this sadness goes away soon and we’ll be reunited with my dad again.

I love you and I miss you, Dad. Thanks for everything. Happy Birthday!


P.S. Sorry, Kuya, I couldn’t find a picture of you and dad.


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