Bucket List #14: 65 Words per Minute!

YES! I felt like tackling another goal today. I looked through my list and figured reaching 65 wpm was easy peasy. Right? Dead wrong.

You see, I couldn’t even reach my old speed and I made more errors. But! I did reach 66.73 words per minute tonight so that made me really happy. Accomplished.

You should head over to Key Hero and see how fast you can type. :] It took me a few tries to even get in the 60s range. And I felt a little disappointed when I got this score.

I was sooo close! :[ Anyway, I couldn’t give up now. I’ve got to keep practicing. Well, just until I reach my goal. :P So I kept going at it, typing meaningless paragraphs away like a mad man. Until….

YES! I barely scratched the surface. Nonetheless, I was still happy, but I didn’t jump for joy just yet. I wanted to see if I could get better results. I was curious to know if I could maybe reach 70 words per minute. I know, a little presumptuous. There’s no way I could type that fast, but I wanted to try anyway. So I did and after a few “games” (that’s what they call it.) I got this!

This is the highest I have ever gotten! I feel accomplished with the speed alone but I think I could have done better with the accuracy. Most of it was bad ordering, meaning I typed cAhrt instead of chart and also what they call “doublets” where you type a character twice. Shhirt instead of shirt. :P Lol. My fingers stutter or, more appropriately, jitters.

Well, I just wanted to share this with you tonight. Another accomplishment checked off the bucket list :] OH! And also thank you so for this..

Thank you for bringing my views past the 100 mark today! I wasn’t expecting that. :P I know it isn’t much for big blogs, but it means a great deal to me. Now the busiest day is on my Dad’s birthday. :] I’m sure it will be hard to top this for a while so I shall savor it.


Have a great night and thanks again,


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