I Like To Take Pictures

I purchased a really nice camera two years ago and I intend to take pictures of myself when I feel like it. I mean, why the hell not? I love being in front of the lens as well as doing the magic behind it. :] Now that I feel good about myself again, I’m going to be taking as many pictures as I wish. Okay? Good.

I’m sure everyone takes photographs of themselves and I don’t see anything wrong with that. If you don’t, then you should! I say, if you love yourself, then by all means, take tens and thousands of photos. :] They say you should “Love yourself! You are beautiful!“, but some would condemn you as conceited. Why is that?

I prefer taking pictures with the camera on timer though, only because I don’t like bothering people to take pictures of me. “Wait! Wait! Can you take it again please?”  I find myself asking this question one too many times. My little brother would grunt and say something like, “REALLY? That one looked good!”

I have got to say, I’m comfortable in my skin. WelI, I have no other choice. Haha. This is the face I’ll have for the rest of my life. :] So from now on, I’m gonna smile till I die! HAHA.

You know, you should, too! Feel beautiful! Feel handsome! LOVE YOURSELF! I know it’s easier said than done, but I’ve been there. I had really terrible complexion since last year. It was really baddd. Trust me, I’m still recovering from it. For months, I shied away from family pictures nor did I even want to go out. I got used to it, though. I’m not saying I was comfortable with my face, I just learned to deal with it. But believe me when I say it gets better. It will. Just wait and see. You’ve just got to be patient. :P

Have a great night,


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