Time To Sketch!

Hi, you!

How did your weekend go? Good? I sure do hope so. Mine went well, not that you asked or anything. :P I made pizza again today. My family seems to love it. :] Pineapples, chicken and mushrooms? YUMM! Oh! and the mozzarella cheese was all stringy, just the way I wanted it! Finally! :P

I tried to make pretzels with the left over dough. … That didn’t turn out so well. I have to look up the recipe instead of trying to make it from scratch. -___-. I thought it was going to be easy. Boy, was I wrong! :'[

Anywho, after we ate dinner, Yanyan and I taught my mom how to play Call of Duty. It was really funny because when I looked at her screen, she would be looking anywhere but forward. She walked sideways most of the time staring at the ceiling. Amazingly enough though, when she got the hang of it, well, kinda, she aimed at the target with ease. Haha. And after that, I decided to draw. Sketch in my journal, actually.

I had this in pencil for a while now and I hadn’t gotten the chance to finish it til now. :] I used Crayola’s watercolor pencils, but I only had a few colors. I don’t even know how I acquired them so I think I’m gonna go and buy the whole set. -___- Not right now, but soon. It’s a little too late to go shopping. :] I need to practice drawing with watercolor pencils, so I can shade things to look like how I imagined them in my head.

Shopping List #1928: watercolor pencils, yogurt, chocolate covered macadamia nuts. :P


Hope you have a good evening,


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