Doodle Caboodle

So hi, so low. :P

I was stuck for a few day trying to find or make something to blog about, but no luck. UNTIL NOW! :] I went to the library yesterday with my friend, Phillip, and he got me reading about my Chinese Zodiac and astrology horoscope. Apparently, I go along well with dragons and rats and a relationship with a tiger wouldn’t be such a good idea. It’s not that I’ll live by these things, but they are definitely an interesting read.


As you should know by now, I have a thing for puzzles and brain teasers. :] I picked it up and Phillip and I tried solving a few; He’s better at finishing quotes and my expertise were on finding the odd symbol from the group. It was pretty fun. I think I’m going to hang around the library more often now that I’ve discovered one near my place. I used to go all the way to Downtown LA. I mean, I love the Central Library because it has a HUGE selection of books, but this Wilshire Branch is more convenient and I can just walk there. :P Thanks, Phil!

Oh! You wanna know what I also read about? They have books about birthdays, too. I looked up mine, March 31 and basically, people have a hard time trusting me because they’re suspicious of me. Also, I probably won’t be thinking of kids soon, but if I do, I’d be a good parent. I’m argumentative. I can find creative solutions to problems and just because someone tells me I can’t, doesn’t mean I won’t try. I don’t go along with social concepts..something like that. And the last thing I remember is that I have to learn to open up to love…


I laughed so hard when I read that. I don’t know when or how or why, but I have become immune to this disease. Maybe it’s because I’m really stubborn or really picky or maybe I’m just not looking. There once was a time when I loved to hold hands and be affectionate, but it all seems icky to me now. I guess I’m just having a hard time with this stuff. Ever since my face broke out, my self-esteem had been drained to the last drop.

Guess what?! I made that “Why Won’t You Let Love In?” on my phone! RIGHT?! I love photo editing apps. They are so convenient. Especially when you are bored and lazy. :P

That was yesterday’s news.

Today, I went to a spa for some treatment. The facial was very relaxing and .. painful. I was teary-eyed when they did extractions, but damn, my face looks so much better! It shaped my overall mood for the day. I felt happy and confident.

After my appointment, I went to my cousin’s house. I drew a line on her arm when she wasn’t looking. Just a snaky line. “Wait! Can I add onto it?” I asked when I envisioned something far more complicated than the simple stroke. After a few giggles and squiggles, this materialized.

I told her she should get it tattooed! If only she were old enough. I just realized that feathers, and maybe flowers, are the only realistic things I can draw. I, for the life of me, can’t draw things that resemble real life. (i.e. cars, helicopters, animals…) I can draw people, but only when I get lucky do they look .. human. Haha. Other than that, I’ll stick to abstract art and weird looking robots. I have proved this time and time again. I tried to draw a dog, but it looked like a hyena-piranha hybrid with a dislocated jaw. And mind you, that was my third try. At least, my effort brought a smile to my friend’s face. :P

Looking forward to the weekend? I sure am!

Question #1294: WHY THE HELL AM I SNEEZING SO MUCH?! -___- *ACHOO*

Talk to you soon,


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