There’s A Hole In Your Bucket

I am the kind of person who would go straight to the clearance or dollar section before looking everywhere else. That’s the first thing I visit when I go into stores. “Ohhhh! Dollar section! YES!” :P

Yesterday, my family and I went to Target to buy food, and I just had to go to the dollar section. They conveniently put it in the front… very clever. They had really cool popcorn containers and other random things like mini notebooks and more toys. “Must….resist….” What really caught my eye were the buckets! Let me rewind for a quick second so you’ll understand why I was so ecstatic when I found them. I bought this rod from Ikea about a month ago and I’ve been looking for containers to hang on them. Now, here they are! They look so cute. I’m pretty sure they were made for Easter decorations but what the hell; I’m getting me some! I finally installed the fixture on my wall and I just love it.

They had more designs, but I was really going for the simple look. With all the things I’m going to put in the buckets, I think the plain colors would help balance the chaos they’ll bring.

I really thought I would need more than six buckets, but I am clearly mistaken. I couldn’t even fill the other two. And to prevent the buckets from tipping over, I filled them up with pebbles. Where the hell did I get the pebbles from? Lol. My brother used them for a project and left them here. So thank you, Kuya. :D

I feel good about myself and that’s something new to me. Thank you so much, David, for helping me. No words can express how grateful I am. :D

Good night,


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