Cinnamon Pretzels? Yumm!

Are you hungry? I’m not hungry now, but I was a few hours ago. So I decided to try and make pretzels. I would post the recipe here but I lost the page. :[ So you’re gonna have to look up cinnamon pretzels on Google. My apologies. :]

It was kinda funny, because I started making the pretzels without looking at the ingredients properly. I didn’t realize that I had to add dry milk into it, so I went down the street to buy some. I actually had to visit at least five stores because it’s not something most carried. The Ralphs and Vons would have it, but I was pressed for time, so I bought Nestle instant dry whole milk. That thing was five dollars and the lady who owns the place was kind enough to let me pay three dollars and come back with the rest. She didn’t know me, but she trusted me to come back with the money and it gave me a funny feeling inside I can’t quite explain.

Anyway, after I baked the pretzels, I sprinkled some more cinnamon and sugar. YUMM. :]

It came out really soft when I took them out of the oven, but I found that they hardened a little a few hours afterward. They aren’t like bricks, but they would have tasted better if they remained soft. Lol. I know! I’ll dip it in hot chocolate. :P

Reminder #1929: Make sure you have all the ingredients before you start cooking/baking.

That’s all for now,


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