I Love Monotonous Doodles!


I went to the art store yesterday with my friend, Anthony, and bought a really cool pencil. :] I feel so tech…architecture-ish… I just feel cool! Haha. I had exactly the same kind before but my little brother lost it at school. -___-

And because I bought myself one, I decided to get my little brother his own. His isn’t quite as expensive, but it had the same feel to it. :D I came home saying “You’re gonna love me forever” over and over again. Indeed, he was super happy when I presented him his present. :] and then he said, “Well, I have to love you forever anyway, but thank you!” and gave me a hug. He proceeded to stare at it for more than five minutes taking in all the awesome. HAHA. :]

Oh! You know what I realized? All the pens that I like are made by Pilot!

Anyway, I finally finished my drawing. *Phew* It took me almost three days, on and off. I think I would have been able to finish it in a day if I was really dedicated.

But yeah, here it is. And now my wrist hurts. -___- And my eyes, too! Too many lines and squiggles, my eyes couldn’t focus, but it all definitely paid off in the end. :D I hope you like it as much as I do.

Have a great evening! I sure will. Wanna know why? We’re gonna eat fish tacosssss for dinner! :]

See you in the next post,




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