Masquerade Ready

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I like to add a lot of details to my drawings and I think I mentioned before that I can’t draw realistic things. Well, TA-DA! ;] After practicing a few times and checking out books at the library, it finally looks human! Even though she has a mask on, I’m glad the proportions look right.

I never planned for this to have a grunge feel, but here’s how that happened. I started with the yellow mask and colorful feathers, but it just didn’t come out right. Well, for me, it didn’t. It was too bland. So I painted over the colored pencils with dark red acrylic and added the flowers. You can still see a little color coming through the feathers. :] It was looking much better, but the mask was still too plain. This is where the whole mess began. I added glitter glue to it, thinking it would come out cool, but no, it just came out tacky. Pun pun pun pun. :] I applied it too thick, took forever to dry, and made the page bumpy. I was so close to ripping the page out of the book. :[

I thought to myself, “How can I salvage this?” I really did want to save it; It was the first colored pencil portrait I’ve done. I started rubbing off the glue to see if it would come off, and it did! :[] The coating from the paint made it a little easier. It left a few streaks, but that was fine with me! I kept rubbing away and didn’t realize the paint would come off, too. Bits and pieces were torn off from the page, but I made sure the flower was intact. I jumped up from my seat in excitement and grabbed my pens. I added a few more details, like the lines on her face and the circles on the mask, and here we are! :D


What have you drawn today?



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