Wave My Hair Back and Forth

Can you believe Crayola’s 50 piece colored pencils were just $6? I couldn’t. I thought they would ring up more than that. I was really looking for the watercolor set, but Target didn’t have it. I really do wanna try experimenting with watercolors. They seem fun, and interesting.

Birthday Wishlist #12: Prismacolor’s 36pc watercolor pencil set, watercolor paper, water color brushes!

Anyway, this is my most recent drawing with colored pencils.

I don’t think I got the shadows right, but what the heck. It’s close enough to the real thing. Haha. I also like how I captured the motion. I’ve had this idea in the back of my head for so long and I finally got it down this time. I say this time because I have been trying to draw this. I grew frustrated and left the idea alone thinking I just couldn’t do it. It kept coming out weird and disproportional: an unpleasant and unearthly creature would be more appropriate. I just revisited the idea with newly found confidence and yes, I got it! :D I was gonna add more detail, but I think I’ll leave it simple for once. Simplicity is a rare sight in my drawings. I must remember to incorporate it in the pages to keep it from extinction and to provide balance to the book as a whole. :]

OH! Add me on Draw Something; My username is adorecarol.

Come back soon,



  1. Whenever I add water to watercolour pencils it all goes wrong. This is fabulous. She looks blissful.

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