Let Me Be: Free.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, I crept into the realm of realism with my two previous drawings of women. Though I barely scratched the surface, I’m glad they became an addition to my journal. I have gotten a little comfortable with drawing faces. There are still a lot of erasing, but it all comes together at the end. Anyway, I snuck what I now learned to do into what I already knew.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed at how it turned out only because I hadn’t incorporated as much detail as I imagined. I kinda wanted it to feel like the drawing in this post but instead of patterns, I wanted to draw actual objects. Whoops. I guess I’ll have to revisit the idea some other time and redraw it a different way. Hopefully, I will achieve what I envisioned. :]

Hope you have a great Sunday!



  1. You need to have more confidence in your artwork. You have a beautiful style, creativity, and I admire your work a lot. I’m still learning as an artist, and not sure if that will ever stop, so viewing your art and other wonderful artist work allows me to grow. Thanks for sharing your art!

    • Thank you very much. :] As am I. With art, there aren’t any boundaries, so everyday is a learning experience. I guess what I should have said is I hope to learn how to use watercolor as well as you do because you have great control with the medium. Likewise, thank you for the inspiration. :]

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