Time is of the Essence

Happy Tuesday! Three more days til Friday. :D

People tell me to make most of the time I have, yet others say to take my time in doing the things I do. It’s fairly difficult to decide which advice to follow because they are more or less at the opposite ends of the spectrum ─ or so I thought. I have finally understood how these two statements work as one idea. I realized that if something is done right, it will definitely consume a larger amount of time, but it will also have made the most of the time given. For a while, I thought making most of my time meant getting as much done in a certain period. Having done that left plenty of room for errors that I otherwise would not have overlooked if I’d learned this sooner, but here we are now.

Anyway, enough with the jibber jabber and onto the drawing.

This is what I wanted to achieve in the previous drawing! I’ve got a thing for details. ;) I tried to think of as many random objects to draw, but it was a lot harder than I thought. Many of the things that snapped in my mind didn’t really coincide with the idea I had so I ended up repeating a few of the items: flowers, keys, ladybugs, and dice. This has become the game of I Spy. :] Anyway, the watercolor background warped my sketchbook page. I have about 150 more pages in this 4″ × 6″ journal and I’m looking forward to filling every page with what my mind wants my eyes to see.

Oh! Guess what? I’m learning how to write English properly as well as improve my reading comprehension. With all this time I have, I might as well learn something. :] English has never been my strongest subject which is why I wanted to pick up on it. I do it for the challenge. I also want to see how much I actually do know that I haven’t given myself credit for. Hopefully you’ll see improvement in my writing/typing. :D





  1. I love your inky doodles. That’s going to be one heck of a sketchbook when it’s full.

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