Walking, Buying, and More Buying

I went to Downtown today at 10 in the morning. We would have gone a little later, but we had to be back at three. By we, I meant my favorite cousin and I. Just kidding, Micah! :] You’re a favorite, too. I wish you came with us! Next time, okay? :] Here is the picture of the aforementioned Bea looking at shoes she can hardly walk in.

I love Downtown L.A. I really do. If you don’t go often, you might get lost easily. I knew my way around because I used to work in downtown, the jewelry district to be a little more specific, and it isn’t far from the fashion district.

The had so much stuff! I couldn’t even decide where I should look; I didn’t want to miss anything. Haha. I don’t like shopping much, but when that girl in me decides to surface, I want to buy everything! O__O Yes, buy everything with the money I don’t have. Lol.

I even wanted to buy these sports bras! They definitely beat store bought brands in my opinion. They offer just as much support, but are easier on your wallet! :D

We went into these jewelry stores and I just.. I wanted to live there. Everything was so pretty and I wanted to buy everything! I thought to myself, I’m glad I didn’t bring too much money, but guess what? They accepted credit cards ─ something I hoped they didn’t do because now I’m gonna get carried away and there’s no stopping me. LOL. Anyway, we went to the jewelry store and look what I found… *scrolls down*

Not that it’s my style to wear a rosary around my neck, I just wanted to show this to you. It’s funny how people have used religious items as fashion statements. I get the cross rings and necklaces, but the rosary? I’m not extremely religious, I just find it funny.

After ogling at every section of the store, I finally purchased a new ring . . . among other things. :P

I dare you to tell me she isn’t awesome!? :P My mind couldn’t handle all the awesome; I felt like my head was gonna explode. I was too fascinated with everything, especially the prices. I have this thing I do where I’ll just wear one thing for a while. I’ll also buy clothes but unlike everyone else, I don’t wear them the next time I go out. I wait for the special occasion. That’s why there are still clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn. Whoops. -___-

Oh! I LOVE huge rings and my reason is always this, I told Bea, “What if I need to save myself? I’d need something to stab with that is still fashionably acceptable and that can quickly do the job.” :] I didn’t know I liked simple rings, too, until I saw these.

Maybe it’s just because it’s all in bulk and I like looking at colorful things. Scratch that. I love looking at colorful things. I really wanted to get them all, but I . . . I had no money left. With tired feet and a grumbling stomach, we finished up our shopping, and headed back.

I shall be back! Mark my words, Downtown. You shall be seeing me again.


… When I have money. -__-


Hope you have a great night,



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