The Blog
I finally decided to focus my blog on my art work. I haven’t decided where I’ll put my daily thoughts, but I’m leaning toward incorporating bits of it in this blog rather than make a separate one. So you guys’ll know what’s going on with me, too. Don’t worry, I wont overwhelm you with my personal things. If anything, I’ll put it into something artsy and I’ll explain it. :] Or maybe I’ll buy a journal instead. Still, the main idea of this blog is to showcase my art. *thought bubble* I’ll also include remedies and other tips and tricks that might be useful to you guys. Just things worth sharing. :]

I have a lot of work that I’ve photographed and I’m planning to post them up as well as the new ones that I’m planning to create. I love art. You’ll see the different mediums I’m experimenting with: from scrapbook pages to canvas paintings. I really can’t wait to get this show on the road. :]

I have a few ideas for my blog. As you know, it will be art related, but I’m planning to do either a daily thing or a monthly idea. I thought of doing an Art Daily where I create a piece of art daily and post it up. It might be a series of doodles everyday or I might change it up to cards on day and a painting on the other. I also considered doing a monthly idea where I focus on a specific material and see all of the possible creative uses for it. Hmm.. I might actually do both. I want to do as much art as I can! :] Yes, I am very driven, as you can tell.

I plan to hopefully expand this blog in the future. Maybe add a shop if people are willing to buy my pieces and also a portfolio.

The Blogger
Hello, everybody. What’s an introduction without a few words about who I am, right? My name is Carol. I’m nineteen and living in the busy streets of LA where almost everywhere you look, you find something inspirational that keeps you going. At least that’s how I see it. I go to college and I plan on majoring in Accounting even though everyone I’ve told this to said that I should change courses and pursue art. I don’t know. I have to test the waters. :]

I do try to be an exceptional photographer, a fine artist, and a better person. I put a lot of effort in the things I do. I see potential in myself and that provides me the strength I need to keep going. I do my best to put others first, but I admit I tend to get selfish sometimes, but who doesn’t? I am an optimist, so I do my best to focus on the silver lining of things and try not to let the negativity affect me as much. Yes, I am hopeful. :]

What do I like to do? I love to take photographs and do a wide range of artsy things. I prefer to stay in rather than go out and party. I find pleasure in making my own things and letting my mind run wild with the creative things I do. I also like to go camping with my family; pretty much any adventure with my family and relatives. It’s good to be surrounded by such fun and loving people, you know? Another thing I like to do is to invite friends over/go to a friend’s house and spend the night watching movies or doing art. I really want to get into baking and cooking more, too. Now that I’m a vegetarian, I want to experiment with healthy recipes! I love to do math problems, too. Does that make me a nerd? :] Oh, these are only a few of the things I enjoy doing. The list goes on and on and on..

Some things I notice about myself that might my interesting for you to read; Some things that will give you an idea of what kind of person I am. I’ve grown to love my face without make-up. YES! It was really weird at first though. I appreciate comments on my looks more. :] It’s kind of obvious, but I do get lazy. I need to get in the habit of just doing things. I should ask myself Why not now? every time I feel like putting something off for later. I noticed that I usually wait for the beginning of a month to do something: a reasonable place to start a list… or so I thought. I figured all that time waiting around could have been used for doing something productive, you know? I want to become more active and do as much as I can and enjoy it. I want to be more artistic and do art. No doubt I’ll enjoy every damn minute of it. :] I’m a kid at heart. I’m easily amused and it doesn’t take much effort at all to make me laugh and smile. I love positive energy so I stay away from those who bring me down. You can understand why, with that being said, I don’t like telling the person, to whom I have disagreements about, the way I feel. That’s just how I am. I’d rather keep it to myself and accept that it’s how they are. And if I really have to, I try to make it so that it’s the same way I’d want to be treated. Do you know what I’m trying to say? Yes, I’m in the process of becoming a better person. I’m not so good with confrontations, either. HAHA! I went off on a tangent. Whoops! Well, technically this is still something about me… :]

These are nothing but a few words about me. It’s like an atom in relation to the universe; there is so much I need to learn about myself. How far can I go? Where will all of this take me? So many questions I often ask myself…

Come aboard and join this adventure with me as I go through life with my creative mindset and let my imagination and skills run wild. I’ll let it all seep through my veins and onto a piece of paper and we’ll move on from there. :]


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