Bucket List

Yes, this is my massive to-do list as you’ve read in the title. Here, I shall list anything and everything I want to accomplish. This should help me keep track of my goals and also give me ideas on rainy days. I’ll post a blog about each accomplishment and I’ll link them here. ;] This to-do list shall keep on getting longer and longer! Oy vey. But nonetheless, everyone has never ending to-do lists for themselves, right? I so happened to list most of mine and share it with you. :] It definitely gave my brain a rest from tracking all of it down. :P Without further adieu, here is the list.

Note: I listed both “start” and “finish” because clearly, those are two completely different things to me. Lol.

001. Learn how to play Pictionary

002. Find a guy best friend

003. Save up at least a thousand dollars

004. Get all the Liquitex Heavy Body colors

005. Wacom tablet!

006. Sew a dress

007. Straight A’s in at least one semester

008. Wear all of my clothes at least once

009. Alter one pair of shoes in any way

010. Draw a rose

011. Really long and healthy hair

012. Have a photo shoot at the library

013. Give away at least twenty articles of clothing

014. Reach 65wpm (words per minute)

015. Buy my little brother a pair of shoes

016. Decorate an entire wall, uninterrupted, with art.

017. Make a collage

018. Take a captivating black and white self portrait

019. Cook a delicious meal for friends

020. Start a 365 day project

021. Finish a 365 day project

022. Homemade facial mask

023. Make a scented candle

024. Design a T-shirt

025. Sell a T-shirt

026. Collaborate with another artist

027. Lower weight to about 120 lbs.

028. Fifty blog posts

029. Take a bird’s eye view photograph of the city

030. Start an art journal

031. Successfully follow a planner for at least a month

032. Make a stamp

033. Nails with marble effects

034. Do metalwork jewelry

035. Paint with watercolors

036. Paint a portrait of someone with acrylics

037. Mix mediums

038. Dye hair brown

039. Make a piece solely with found objects

040. Make a lamp/lantern

041. Bake a pie (from scratch)

042. Bake a pizza

043. Fifty comments on a post

044. Ship an order

045. Organize art desk

046. Install shelving units

047. Make something where newsprint is the motif

048. Do something with vinyl records

049. Play around with alcohol inks

050. Make a bar of soap

051. Design some wire jewelry

052. Make a book/journal

053. Create some fancy looking buttons

054. Try and knit something

055. Sew pencil cases

056. Bake a batch of white chocolate macadamia cookies

057. Purchase or make an apron for painting

058. Customize plain clothes with like art

059. Get a full time job

060. Get diamond glaze and make pendants

061. Start an online store

062. Scratch off tickets

063. Make homemade paper

064. Bind a book

065. Finally finish a New York Times crossword puzzle

066. Do a handstand (without the wall)

067. Back and front walkovers

068. Go on a road trip

069. Finish the art journal

070. Sew on cards

071. Make an amigurumi character

072. Paint a mug

073. Sew a coin purse

074. Be comfortable in my own skin again and take a picture

075. Do a pull up

076. Buy the Stay Wet Palette

077.  Add studs to a garment of choice

078. Sew an awesome bag from a skirt

079. Bake a delectable cake from scratch

080. Record a video

081. Build a gingerbread house

082. Cross Stitch something

083. Make a candy apple covered in chocolate!

084. Get a sewing handbook

085. Buttons, buttons, buttons!

086. Chalkboard paint things

087. Make a cute mini sewing kit. :]

088. Get a sewing machine.

089. Downtown Los Angeles photography

090. Take summer arts and craft classes

091. Take a landscape photo

092. Take an “American Apparel” type of self-portrait

093. Build 100 floors in Tiny Towers

094. Make fortune cookies

095. Tie-Dye a t-shirt and make it look classy

096. Alter the switch plates

097. Ribbon and chain bracelets

098. Armour Etch some mason glass jars

099. Make a notepad

100. Deliciously smelling lip gloss

101. Recover from a bridge

102. No make up photograph

103. Watch Cirque Du Soleil

104. Make a stuffed animal

105. Ride the Goliath in Six Flags

106. Go to a drive-in movie

107. Take a picture from the top of the Ferris Wheel

108. Go kart racing!

109. Perform on a stage

110. Pet a Komodo Dragon

111. Go to the aquarium

112. Be kissed in the rain

113. Jump from a cliff and into the water!

114. See the Northern Lights

115. Skydiving!

116. Ride a zipline throught the jungle

117. Try hypnosis

118. Learn to write with my left hand

119. Go camping

120. Go to an art show

121. Witness an eclipse

122. Take a picture of a night sky full of stars

123. Get at least 150 in bowling

124. Go horseback riding

125. Learn to play the piano

126. Compose a song

127. Listen to a live orchestra

128. Learn to scuba dive

129. Go on a helicopter ride!

130. Go rock climbing

131. Reach the top of those rope things

132. Watch a rocket launch

133. Visit Niagra Falls

134. Visit all 7 continents

135. Go to Japan

136. Make sushi!

137. Climb the Statue of Liberty

138. San Fransisco’s Golden Gate Bridge!

139. Go to the Rose Parade

140. Learn how to play poker

141. Learn to juggle!

142. Write some calligraphy

143. Get a complete make-over

144. Get married

145. Build a Habitat for Humanity home

146. Make a difference in at least one person’s life.

147. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

148. Donate blood.

149. Have your paintings exhibited in a gallery.

150. Sell your original artwork.

151. Make the YouTube featured videos list.

152. Find a street with my name

153. Make Red Velvet Cake

154. Eiffel Tower

155. Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve and count down as the ball drops

156. See a psychic

157. Learn to do a back flip

158. Get a henna tattoo

159. Travel solo

160. Attend a murder mystery dinner

161. Throw a surprise party for someone

162. Make chicken pot pie from scratch


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